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Must-use strategies to successfully transfer and scale your pharmaceutical product

Our latest whitepaper will help you to master the key strategies in a successful transfer and scale-up for your pharmaceutical Rx and OTC products.

What are the key considerations in technology transfer and scale-up?

Growth in the demand for outsourced prescription drug production is accelerating – largely due to an evolving set of business and financial drivers specific to pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

A primary priority for pharmaceutical companies is the necessity of finding CDMO partners with the specific technical capabilities to transfer their formulations and products into production and then wield their commercial capacity to scale products as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

What is covered in this whitepaper

  • Discover key strategies to successfully transfer and scale Rx drugs.
  • Learn the importance of implementing a Quality by Design (QbD) approach for technology transfer projects.
  • Learn the value of feasibility studies and its impact on the success of your product's technology transfer.
  • Have a list of questions to consider when choosing a CDMO partner to conduct a technology transfer of your product.
  • Have a comprehensive transfer package checklist.

Every tech transfer operation is unique. If executed well, both partners win - time, cost, product quality and performance risk are greatly reduced.

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